Houston 101

Houston 101: Central Market – check! Avoiding the roads between 4-7pm – Check! Country music radio channel locked in – Check! Cowboy boots & hat – Check, Check!!!  Sure we’ve all been thrown onto to the ranch and had to learn the hard way but there are some things in Houston you just have to know and do to make life easier and enjoy your time here.

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One Response to Houston 101

  1. Meaghan Stackpole says:

    OMG! The DPS! An event in itself – but there are definitely ways to make it painless.
    Tip 1: Unless you’re ok with spending hours and hours in waiting rooms and queues, the only way to make it pain free is to get there an hour before it opens – even then you might not be the first in line, but it’s worth going early!
    Tip 2: Talk to other Aussies about their experiences there. For me, the DPS website didn’t list ALL the documentation you need take with you (in my case, all the stuff required for someone on an E3 ) so talk to people in the same position as you and get their tips!
    ……..and Tip 3: lower your expectations about what kind of service to expect! In the nicest possible way, don’t expect too much and you might be pleasantly surpised!
    PS – GREAT idea for a site guys, nice work!!

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