Finding a Mothers Group in Houston

When I moved to Houston, I had a 5 month old and was really missing my mothers group that I joined back in Australia.

In Perth, you were set up by the child health nurse with babies who were all within a month in age and lived in the same area.  It was great as you were all going through the same trials and tribulations and found support from each other.

In Houston, there unfortunately isn’t this formalised set up of Mothers Groups, but there are great alternatives.

A large Australian/New Zealand focused Mothers group is run by Tanzot.  These have mothers from Australia and New Zealand –

Many of the large oil and gas companies with expats have mothers groups, so ask your relocation consultant and colleagues whether you or your partner’s work have these available.

There are also a number of neighborhood mothers groups.

Many of these mothers groups require you to attend at least one event to register.  This is mainly as the communities host online forums so they have to be careful with their privacy and ensure that you are a real person!

The Motherhood Center on West Alabama also caters for new Mums and is a one stop shop with pre-natal and post birth yoga, music classes and parent support groups.  If you are a Mum moving to Houston, I would recommend going to the Motherhood Center and finding all about the resources available.

Contact us if you are a new Mum moving to Houston, we can help you find a group or contact so that you can meet others Mums.  Also, if you are part of a Mums Group who wants to be featured here, please outline details through the comments or through our contact page.

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