Finding the Best Breakfast Tacos in Houston

Before moving to Houston, I had never had Mexican breakfast and I was definitely missing out!

When several friends recommended to me Chilosos Taco House located on 20th St in the Heights, I knew I had to try this place out.

It is in an extended bungalow with an outside porch area, inside eating area and a bar around the back.  Many Heights locals walk or cycle to the taco house to get their weekly Chilosos fix.

Since going there, the ordering system has changed a few times.  Now it seems to work really well.  You line up at the register (which is now located near the food) and order your tacos with what fillings you would like.

The options are endless, my husband usually gets the Bacon and Egg taco, I usually get a potato and tomato filled taco.   As we don’t buy drinks, we can usually feed the 3 of us for under $10.

You take a seat with a number and the staff promptly bring out freshly cooked tortillas filled with your choice of ingredients.  In my opinion, these are large tacos and you only need one.  In my husband’s opinion, you need two tacos.

I always take guests to Chilosos for their breakfast tacos, and everyone always agrees that they are amazing and great value for money.

Chilosos Taco House, 701 E 20th St Houston TX 77008

Finding Houston would love to hear your favorite breakfast taco spot in Houston.

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