Old MacDonald had a Farm

One very hot weekend over summer we decided to make a 30 minute trip up the 59 to Old MacDonald’s Farm in Humble TX.

When you arrive at Old MacDonald’s Farm, we found it easy to get a park, and paid the small admission fee of $8.00 per person (children under 18 months are free) and began to explore the park.

Our horse obsessed son, lined up immediately to the pony rides, these are all included in the admission cost and you can line up as many times as you like and they take you for a short ride around the paddock.

There is a petting zoo with an array of farm animals; sheep cows, rabbits, pigs.  There was even an emu!  Feed can be purchased for the animals for $1.00 per bag. You are also welcome to bring your own bread to feed the ducks in the duck pond.

If you are coming over lunchtime, I would recommend bringing a picnic along as there are plenty of picnic tables around for you to enjoy your lunch.  There is also a small shop where you can purchase food, snacks and drinks.

One of the popular attractions on our visit was a short train ride around the farm.

Old MacDonald’s Farm is open 10am daily March through until the end of October and weekends November through to February.  Ring first in the non-peak times to check that they are open.  Depending on the season, they also have special activities including swimming, a pumpkin patch and craw fishing.

I would recommend Old MacDonald’s Farm as a great place to take children and visitors with kids.


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