Lost Pines Resort – Austin

I have now been in Houston 2 years and everyone has spoken to me about the Lost Pines Resort as the perfect family holiday.

The Lost Pines is a Hyatt hotel located 2.5 hours from Houston and is set in the middle of the wilderness on the banks of the Colorado River, this is the perfect spot for a quick getaway with the family.

I had never been to such a family friendly resort. There were so many activities planned for the children.  The weekend that we were there included activities such as: cupcake making, picture frame art, horse wagon rides, button making, meeting the longhorn.  The list was endless and free.

There are some paid activities available at the resort such as horse or pony rides, archery, kayaking, rock wall and zip line.  You will not get bored.

My husband quickly noted when we arrived that there was a golf course on location, but as this was a family weekend we didn’t investigate this further!

The weekend we went down was hot, so spent most of our time around the pool.  These pools are so family friendly, there is even a small man made beach that backs up to the toddler pool.  The Lost Pines also has a lazy river where you sit on a tube and float around with drink in hand.  It was really relaxing.

There is a general store at the resort where you can buy basic grocery items (at highly inflated prices).  I would recommend bringing food with your from home as you get a decent sized fridge and can fit in snacks and breakfast if needed.

At the resort they offer a number of different dining options, some more family friendly than others.  These I thought were fairly priced considering that they were located at a hotel.

In the evenings they have S’mores over a campfire (which the kids loved), then followed by an outdoor family movie.

We really enjoyed the weekend at the Lost Pines.  It was fairly priced, large hotel rooms and so many family friendly activities for children.

However, if you are a couple without children looking for a romantic weekend away, I suggest picking a different resort!


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One Response to Lost Pines Resort – Austin

  1. This is going on my list of places to try next time we have to evacuate New Orleans. Thanks for the report!

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