Wings & Waffles Please – The Breakfast Klub

With a slogan that reads “If Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not have it twice”, I knew I had to get downtown to Houston’s favorite breakfast place.

On a non-descript corner in Midtown, you are first greeted by a line that is permanently trailing out the door. On weekends be prepared for a 30 min wait if you arrive in the prime brekkie hours of 10-11am, but make sure you don’t leave it too late in the day as things close up at 2pm.  The friendly ladies passing out menus to the eagerly lined up customers exude that southern charm and wit that instantly puts a smile on your face. At first you may be shocked by some of the signature dishes but as you look around the busy tables you know what people are traveling across America and waiting patiently in line for – Wings & Waffles.

In 2010, the signature dish of Wings & Waffles was one of four finalists in Good Morning America’s search of the “Best Breakfast in America”.  Not too shabby hey! Perfectly crispy fried chicken wings are strategically placed around a golden waffle sprinkled with sugar and topped with a single strawberry.  Sounds strange I know, but once you bite into the succulent, slightly spicy savory pieces of chicken and follow up with a mouthful of sweet waffle you will be hooked too.

The other must-try dishes are fried Catfish & Grits, Pork Chop & Eggs, Green Eggs & Ham and the Klub’s Benedict. There are the usual everyday breakfast items available too and you can pretty much create your own if you need a bacon & egg fix – the way you like it.  The coffee aint’ bad either.  Just be sure to realise you won’t be sitting and chatting over a coffee for hours here – once you’re done eating, you’re out and the line keeps moving.

So if you miss your favorite breakfast cafe from home, get up early on a Saturday, get in line at the Breakfast Klub and order Wings & Waffles, please. You’ll soon know that this is one Texas institution you’ll be coming back to – with all your family, friends & out of town visitors in tow.

The Breakfast Klub, 3711 Travis @ Alabama, Houston, Texas, 77002

Open: Mon-Fri 7am-2pm, Sat 8am-2pm(Breakfast only)

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