Houston Coffee and Cars

Houston Coffee & Cars

Car enthusiasts must check out the monthly ritual that is Houston Coffee and Cars.  This ever growing monthly event provides the opportunity for the Houston public to see some really amazing machinery from turn of the century classics to 60’s and 70’s muscle cars and a plethora of modern day muscle powerhouses such as Dodge Challenger, Vipers and Ford Mustangs.  There’s also a nice selection of renowned international luxury sports cars including Lotus, Porsche, Lamborghini and of course Ferrari with a very nice F40 regularly appearing!

Current Day Luxury Cars: A High Spec Mercedes

The event started in 2007 as an informal gathering of no more than 10 cars over a cup of coffee at the car park of Uptown Park in the Galleria area. It soon outgrew this venue, experiencing exponential growth as owners and enthusiasts gathered to check out each other’s pride and joy.  In 2010, the organisers had to upscale the location to handle the exploding interest, temporarily moving to a nearby location just off I-10, then to the current location of Vintage Park Shopping Village in the north east of Houston on the corner of Highway 249 and Louetta Rd.  The event now hosts some 600+ cars and continues to increase in size, covering a large section of the public parking area.

Back To The Future: A DeLorean

Wandering round the car park with coffee in hand, you will come across some really nice gems such as the everlasting DeLorean (straight from Back to the Future) as well as some cool examples from BMW and Aston Martin.  There’s a nice selection of original and supped up muscle cars including SS Camaro, Chevy Chevelle, Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Roadrunner, Ford Thunderbird and Shelby Mustang; all in very good condition.  You will also be able to run a close eye over several modern day Porsches including  911 and Carrera, as well as some of the more classic models such as the Spyder.

If you haven’t been down to Houston Coffee and Cars, you must get up early one Saturday and get along, as this event has become one of the largest non-professional car shows in the land and there is something to see for everyone.

Rock n Roll: A 60s Corvette

Houston Coffee and Cars occurs on the First Saturday of each month from 8 – 10am.  Local coffee shops and restaurants (including a very busy Starbucks) are open for business during the event so there are several options to grab a coffee or spot of breakfast.  There is also ample parking for visitors.

The next event is Saturday November 5th. Checkout www.coffeeandcarshouston.com for more information including directions and also a comprehensive photo gallery. Join their Facebook page for updates on events.

A Vintage Chevie 3100 Pick Up

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