Houston Downtown Walking Tour

My mother was keen to do a tourist style tour of downtown Houston when she visited us over summer and see the underground tunnels that connect different buildings in downtown.

As this was something I hadn’t done before, I booked into a tour with Houston Historical Tours http://www.houstonhistoricaltours.com/walkingtours.html .  As it was in the heat of summer, I booked into a tour that was a combination between A&B.

The tour commences at the Greater Houston Convention and Visitor’s center where you watch a DVD about the day in the life of Houston.  I found this to be quite cheesy and outdated, but it provided my mother a good overview of Houston.

Your tour guide Keith, is a research historian who is currently a professor at local community colleges.  He is definitely an academic type and has a number of facts and details of Houston.  My mother quizzed him on a number of battles in history and Keith was able to provide detailed stories and relevance to the tour.

We looked at a number of landmark buildings in downtown.  Houston is known to have an amazing skyline and interesting architecture.  It was great to take time to appreciate it.

The tour also looks at the tunnel system.  If you haven’t been in the tunnel system, it would be quite easy to get lost.  The mapping at the entry points is done unusually but it does provide you with some direction.

Basically the tunnel system has foodcourts, small shops like florists and gift stores. It caters completely for downtown workers.  Around lunchtime this place was packed.  I now understand why downtown always looks so quiet, everyone is in the tunnels!

The tour cost us $40 per person (as we booked 2 of us).  The price is dependant on the number of people in your booking.  Our tour went for 2.5 hours as we decided that we would not have a lunch stop at the food court.

This was a tour that I would recommend, as it gave my mother and I a greater understanding of downtown Houston and gave us an opportunity to investigate the tunnel system with a guided tour.

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