San Jacinto Battleground for Texas Independence

For the Thanksgiving long weekend, we thought we would be a tourist in our own city and visit the San Jacinto Monument.

This is located 35 minutes east of downtown along TX -225.  The site commemorates the battle won by Texas in 1836 where the Texian army defeated Mexican forces on the plains of San Jacinto.

The San Jacinto Monument and Museum looks like it could be in Washington DC – it is really impressive.  It is the world’s tallest memorial stone column and honors those that fought for Texas independence.

The Monument and Museum are opening daily 9am-6pm (and closed on major public holidays).  The admission to the Museum is free and the charge for the elevator ride to the look-out was $4.

Battleship Texas is also a tourist site worth visiting whilst you are at the monument.  It is the only surviving battleship to have been in both world wars and is the last surviving battleship of its type.

Whilst in Houston, it is worth taking a short drive out past the refineries and investigating a large part of Texas history.

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