Gravitas has been a favourite restaurant for Australians living in Houston due to their former chef, an Australian named Jason Gould.

Since I have lived in Houston, Gould has not worked at Gravitas so I cannot compare the menus.  However, what I like about the menu is that it still seems to have an Australian flavor to their American Bistro style food.

Located in Midtown on Taft the warehouse style interior and dim lighting provides a funky atmosphere which works well for date nights and group dinners.

We visited Gravitas on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend with a group of friends.  The appetizer I ordered was the Duck Confit Crispy Tacos, these were delicious with a tangy, spicy flavor.  Many of group ordered the Salmon Tartars, these looked impressive and were apparently delicious.

For the entree, I ordered the lamb shank, goat cheese risotto and asparagus.  I find it so hard to get a good lamb dish but was thrilled with the combination of lamb shank and cheesy risotto.  It was a great comfort food dish.

The prices at Gravitas are a little pricier for Houston, but the restaurant has a different menu selection and a great atmosphere.

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