Heights Top Spots

When I first moved to Houston, I wanted to move to a suburb that was close to downtown, with strip mall shopping, and be within walking distance to bars, restaurants and cafes.  But I still wanted a home that would be suitable for a family.  My realtor laughed and said that Houston wasn’t known for those kinds of suburbs but suggested we look at the Heights.

The Heights is often called eclectic.  With the zoning laws in Houston it is not uncommon to find sheet metal shops, bakeries and clothes stores all hidden on a smaller back streets.

What I love about the Heights is the strong sense of community, the love of preserving the history in Houston and the many shops, restaurants and cafes that exist in this area.

Its main shopping destination is 19th St.  A casual strip mall that has numerous cafe’s and stores for clothes, jewellery, antiques and gifts.

The main bar destination is White Oak.  With the much of Heights being a dry suburb, many of the bars are located in this area.  Check out popular sports bar Christian’s Tailgate, Music venue Fitzgeralds, plus a number of popular ice houses and restaurants.

In my opinion, I have put together a ‘best of’ list for the Heights:

Breakfast Tacos – Chilosos.  For great Breakfast Tacos.

Local Grocery Store – Revival Market.  Revival is a small grocery store that carries local produce and has a great little cafe for coffee.

Second Hand Book Store – Kaboom Books.  Now consolidated to the one location this is a great place for selling and buying your second hand books.

Cafe – Antidote.  Great little cafe filled with locals.

Coffee – Boomtown.  My favorite coffee shop in Houston

Vintage Store – (I can’t pick just one!) Retropolis and Replay on 19th St

Sandwich – Kraftmen Cafe.  This is a funky cafe on 22nd St that does great salads and sandwiches.

Bakery – El Bolillo Bakery.  This busy Mexican bakery that does beautiful breads and sweets.

Gift store – Hello Lucky.  A cute store run by a local artisan.  They make the popular T-Shirts “It’s OK to Love Houston”.

Late Night Bar – Downhouse.  Downhouse cafe is open from Breakfast so is good to visit at different times during the day.  However I find the best time to visit is late night for a drink and tapas as it has a funky vibe.

Book Store – Lift.  Great local book store with bestsellers, children’s books and you can find some Texan style gifts.

Music Venue – Fitzgerald’s.  A popular live music venue.

Sports Bar – Christian’s Tailgate.  A great spot to watch your team playing with a fun atmosphere.  My husband loves the burgers here.

Cinema – 14 Pews.  Independent cinema that houses many documentaries and foreign films.

If you live in Houston, take some time to come and visit the Heights.  I consider it to be one of Houston’s best kept secrets.

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