Savannah Georgia

Years ago, back in Australia, I saw an episode of Getaway where Catriona Rowntree goes to Savannah, Georgia and I knew I had to go.

Savannah is a great holiday destination if you want to visit the deep south.  The flight is only 2 hours and it is the fourth largest city in Georgia, but still has the old world charm with historical buildings and southern hospitality.

We stayed in Marshall House, the oldest hotel in Savannah, as I wanted experience the charm of the south.  With lemonade on arrival, they didn’t disappoint! Marshall House is located in the Historic district on Broughton St.  Broughton St has many of the shops and restaurants and is a couple of blocks north of the treelined southern style historic district and 6 or so blocks south of the River Street.

One of the best and most popular ways to view Savannah is going on a horse and carriage ride.  This lasts about 45 mins and give you a great overview of the historic district.

For a taste of southern food, we booked a table in Paula Deen’s busy restaurant The Lady and Sons.  This was incredibly busy and had tasty comfort food.  We decided to go and have the buffet option, as it gave you a large selection of her southern favorites.  Luckily the serious walking we were doing on the holiday meant we could splurge on the calories!

Another famous restaurant in Savannah is Mrs Wilkes Dining Room.  It is located on West Jones St and has a line up daily for their family style lunch.  They let people in 10 at a time and you sit with strangers and share a southern meal family style.

For ice cream lovers, you have to stop by Leopold’s  Ice Cream on Broughton St.  The iconic diner style atmosphere was busy every night we went.  It is home to the famous “tutti fruiti” flavored ice cream that inspired the iconic song.

The 22 tree lined squares make Savannah such a beautiful city.  Forsyth Park is a large park with the famous Forsyth Fountain.  You may recognise some of the historic district from the movie Forrest Gump.

Another popular tourist destination is their River Street, this is along the Savannah river with many restaurants, bars and gift shops.  We really enjoyed grabbing a “to go” cocktail and beer and strolling along the river to see their famous “Waving Girl” statue.

I think that everyone should visit Savannah to experience southern charm and hospitality.  There is really nothing like it.

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2 Responses to Savannah Georgia

  1. Holly says:

    Awesome! Savannah has been on my list for a long time, even more keen to go now!

  2. Helen says:


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