H&M in Houston

Finally, after much anticipation, H&M has arrived in Houston.

There was mounting discussion on what location H&M would pick, and it came to some people’s surprise that they chose Baybrook Mall in Friendswood.

The store opening, the week before last, was massive, with people camping out the night before so that they could be one of the first in line to see the new H&M store.

Baybrook Mall is located about 25 minutes south of Downtown on the 45 – it is really easy to get to and parking is simple.  I was surprised to see that the mall had Macy’s, Dillards, Sears, JC Penney, Apple and Lego store.  It reminded me a lot of Memorial City in terms of their selection.

The H&M store is located at Entrance 1 and is a large spacious store with women’s, men’s and children’s departments.  I went on a weekday during school holidays and it was very busy.  There was a line to the change room and a line to the check-out, but both moved very quickly as they were well staffed.

I love H&M and always made a stop when I went to one of the big cities on holidays.  The Houston store did not disappoint. I bought 9 fun items and it was all under $150.  I also received a $10 discount and some H&M gifts as part of their opening promotions.

The staff said they have been very very busy since opening and with school holidays I expect it won’t quieten down anytime soon.  Later this summer, H&M will be opening another store at Willowbrook Mall in the north west area of Houston.

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One Response to H&M in Houston

  1. Toni Ridolfi says:

    Thanks very much for the heads up and review Sonni… very helpful!

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