Boomtown Coffee

I always feel I need to write a post when I come across a great new coffee shop.

My new favourite coffee shop Boomtown Coffee opened up not long ago in the Heights. They took over the space once occupied by Heights Ashbury Coffee House on West 19th St.

When you walk in, it has that warehouse feel with concrete floors and dark muted colours.  The mismatched furniture gives the cafe an “indi” vibe that brings in the artsy clientele of the Heights.

I have now been twice to Boomtown Coffee and I just can’t get enough of their flat whites.  They have a great flavour that doesn’t taste too bitter.

Boomtown Coffee has a small menu with light breakfast, lunch and snack affair.  For breakfast I ordered a delicious fresh chocolate croissant.  When I visited in the afternoon I shared an amazing chocolate chipped cookie with sea salt – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

The one negative my husband and I noticed was that there was a slight smell from the cigar lounge located next door.  I am sure many people would not notice this, but regardless I hope that it is something that they can fix in the future.

Do visit Boomtown Coffee, I want this coffee shop to stay open for many years.

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