Take me out to the ball game

One activity we couldn’t wait to experience when moving to the US was taking the family to a baseball game.  Baseball is so ingrained in American culture, my 3 year old is already obsessed with the sport.

Houston has a long standing baseball team, the Astros.  Admittedly, when we first went to a baseball game here, we were underwhelmed as it was a long and slow moving game.  But after watching the World Series last year, viewing games alongside Americans and watching the movie Moneyball my husband and I got a new appreciation for this great game.

We always think that a baseball game is a fantastic activity to take visitors to when they are in town. The games are hosted at Minute Maid Park located in Downtown.  It is a great stadium with options for the roof to be opened or closed.

In 2012 the Astros chairman and CEO introduced many family friendly policies such as the option of bringing in your own bottle of water and snacks to the game.  With the low entry level ticket price of $10 (this includes hotdog, softdrink and chips) it means taking the family out is really inexpensive.

The baseball season finishes up in September with the finals going through to October so there is still plenty of time to get in a couple of games.

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