Jus’ Mac

Some nights you just don’t feel like cooking and want comfort food.

The ultimate in comfort food in the US is Macaroni and Cheese.

Jus’ Mac is a Macaroni and Cheese establishment with 2 locations, the Heights and Sugar Land.  My local, the Heights is just around that corner and I have been meaning to try the restaurant since it opened.

Image 2

It is in a small, cute red building on Yale St, just south of the 610 loop.  This is an intimate sized restaurant with a small number of tables and chairs and a cute patio out the back.

In peak periods, parking is known to be difficult, but when we went early Sunday evening there was plenty of parking and tables.

Jus’ Mac mainly sells Macaroni and Cheese, but you can also order paninis and simple salads.

The Mac n Cheese orders come in 2 sizes, the personal (1/2 lb) and the regular (1lb) and you can choose the type of pasta that you would like.

My husband ordered the personal sized “Pit Master” which had brisket, colby cheese and BBQ sauce.  I had food envy, this was delicious!


I ordered personal sized “Popeye” which has fresh spinach, onions, mushrooms and is topped with mozzarella and parmesan.  Delicious and hearty.

Image 1

Our nearly 4 year old ordered the “All American” in a personal size.  This is the Mac n Cheese that we are all be familiar with.

Our little 1 year old eats everything, and therefore ate a selection of everyones.  Next time I would get her one for herself as she could definitely demolish a personal serve.

This meal cost about $20 and left our cravings satisfied!  For lovers of Mac N Cheese, you have to try Jus’ Mac.

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