Children’s Museum

As a mother with 2 children in Houston, I am always looking for something that is inexpensive and fun to take the kids.

We have been a regular at the Children’s Museum since we moved 3 and a half years ago due to it’s locations close to downtown, low admission fee and it’s a great way to beat the heat!

Tip: We had a free family pass from participating in the Houston Library’s FLIP Kits so it made it a very inexpensive trip!

The Children’s Museum is known to be busy on the weekends.  We went on Sunday as it opened at 12noon and got parking easily with no lines or craziness in the museum.

As I have a 1 year old and 4 year old, my husband and I had to split up with the kids.

The Tot spot is a great area catering for babies through to 3 year olds (older children cannot enter the Tot Spot unless they are under 35 months).  It was my daughter’s first visit to the Children’s Museum and she had the best time.

I took my oldest to the rest of the Museum and did not even go to all the areas.  Below is a quick run-down on the areas that my son seemed to enjoy:

Invention Convention: Here you can build legos, build rockets and launch them

Kidtropolis: This is a mini city within the Children’s Museum.  My son got a bank card which he could bank pay checks, use to buy groceries and a meal at the diner.


How Does it Work: Lots of activities in this area such as telephone, kids lift and a car.


Matter Factory: In here the kids put lab coats and build atoms and molecules,  try different test on matter.


Newton Know How: This is where we spent the most time as there was lots of activities and experiments using golf balls and seeing how far/fast they would go.


Power Play: This is like an indoor playground downstairs with lots of different areas.

The Children’s Museum is an amazing museum in Houston and a must visit attraction if you have kids.

What are your kids favorite spots in the Children’s Museum?

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