2 Year Anniversary Update – Houston’s Best Coffee

When we started this blog our first post was finding the best coffee in Houston.  2 years on, there have been so many more coffee shops open up, so I thought that we would refresh the below post with some new additions.

When I first moved to Houston I was in search of a decent coffee.

In Australia, there was a great coffee culture and you didn’t have to travel too far for a delicious flat white.

I admit, I was sounding like a coffee snob when I moved here.  Too milky, not hot enough, no flavour.

Below are some of the best coffees that I have found here (not a Starbucks in sight).

Antidote Coffee

Antidote Coffee is located in a small strip shop off Studewood in the urban historic suburb of the Heights.  It has counter service and you can purchase a small snack.  The cafe is predominately filled with people on their laptops but has a very casual feel.

Catalina Coffee

This coffee shop is where people who love coffee go and is located on Washington Ave.

Catalina is often voted Houston’s best coffee shop, and I can see why.  The coffees are flavoursome, inexpensive and the service is great.  The also sell coffee beans.

What my husband likes here is that they will make you up a flat white (and they know what it actually is).

Dirk’s Coffee

I really like this coffee shop, and it continually does well with reviewers and has a great vibe.  It has been around for years and has a retro diner feel.

Positioned on Montrose Ave, this no frills coffee shop attracts people from many surrounding suburbs.

Dirk’s Coffee 4005 Montrose Blvd

Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee is now one of my husband and my favorite coffee shops in Houston. You can read further about it in our review here.

It is located on the famous 19th St in the Heights and has developed quite a neighborhood following.  The coffee is fresh, flavorsome and delicious.  They also have a great range of cookies and pastries that I cannot pass up.

Image 1

Southside Espresso

Southside Espresso opened in a small location just off Westheimer behind Uchi.  The coffee here is also a great flavour and has been a welcomed addition to the Montrose.

The decor has a modern, industrial feel but is small and cozy.  I bought my daughter here once and with the stroller I felt like I was taking up the whole cafe!


Revival Market

Revival Market is a fresh food retail shop that offers local food and has a cute coffee shop. The coffee shop is so popular with Heights residents and many Finding Houston readers.

What I love most about Revival Market is the coffee tastes great, and you can also so a quick shop of great local produce whilst you are there.

Greenway Coffee

Greenway Coffee is located in the food court at Greenway Plaza – so it is not exactly easy or convenient to get to unless you work at Greenway Plaza!

However, their coffee is one of the best in Houston.  My husband says it is the best coffee in Houston.

You will notice that many coffee shops use the Greenway Coffee beans, but nothing beats the actual coffee that you get at Greenway Plaza.

Where is your favorite coffee shop in Houston?

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5 Responses to 2 Year Anniversary Update – Houston’s Best Coffee

  1. Janine says:

    Boomtown. They do a great flat white and I have to say…..that is still the only way to drink coffee, other than an expresso in Florence of course!

  2. Heide says:

    The guy from Greenway is at Blacksmith now. Have you tried it? It’s on Westheimer, by Hay Merchant and Underbelly.

  3. Mavo says:

    Blacksmith on Westheimer is very good

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