Holiday Tipping 2013

We did a post last year based on tipping guidelines in the US and holiday tipping and it was so popular we thought we would update for 2013.

Below are some of the people that you tip at Christmas to thank them for services you regularly use over the year.  Most of these services rely on tips throughout the year and particular Christmas as they are not on large salaries.  It is nice to include any tip with a Thank You note and small Holiday gift also.

Cleaner/Housekeeper: One visit or week’s pay

Gardener: One visit or week’s pay

Regular Babysitter: One evening’s pay

Nanny: One week’s pay

Apartment Building Staff: $30 – $70 and more if they go above and beyond.  Ask long term residents if you are unsure.

Teacher or Day care service: $25-$100, Gift card or a personal gift if you know their hobbies or interests.  Often the group will pool money for the teacher for a larger gift item.

Personal Trainer: Cost of one session (if you have used them for over 6 months)

Hairdresser / Manicurist: The value of the tip for one service.

Dog Walker: One visit or week’s pay

Newspaper Delivery: $20

Trash Collector: $20

USPS Mail Delivery Person: Gift or gift card under $20 (it is policy not to accept cash)

If you do have a regular UPS or FedEx delivery person check with their company website on gifts accepted – generally no cash, but gifts under $25 are accepted.

If you are still not sure what is an appropriate tip, ask your neighbors or friends that use the same services in your area.

What has been your experience with Holiday tipping in the US and what else do you do to thank people for their services throughout the year?

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3 Responses to Holiday Tipping 2013

  1. Damien says:

    Hey there, trash collectors weren’t even looking for the tip! The envelope was still stuck prominently to the lid. How sure are you about that one?

  2. That is good information Damien – I hear mixed reports on that one. It must depend on the trash collectors!

  3. The holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation to those you provide you with helpful service throughout the year. When deciding on who and what to tip, be sure to take into consideration how often you/they visit, the personal attention you receive, and most importantly your budget!

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