5 Reasons you should go to the Australian Short Film Night

The Australian American Chamber of Commerce Houston (AACC) is hosting their annual Short Film Night.

My husband and I have been to a few of these nights and we just love it.   5 reasons why you should attend the short film night:

1. It’s at the beautiful 14 Pews.  The building is an old church and is now a small movie theatre that screens independent and short films.

2. There are lots of Australians there – you will either know lots of people there or meet some more!

3. There are going to be 7 short films curated by Susan Talbot, so there is bound to be a few films that you will like.  We love hearing the Australian accents in the films!

4. They are serving Australian Wine (and savory appetizers!)

5. Tickets are only $20 (for AACC members) or $30 (for non members).  Tickets can be purchased here.

It is on Friday, September 19, 2014 between 7.00pm and 10.00pm.

The hand selected films being shown are Still Life, Joey, A Cautionary Tail, The iMom, Gus, Sleight of Hand and Dave’s Dead.


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