We are two Australian girls who moved to Houston from Melbourne and Perth with our husbands and family to experience a different culture and lifestyle in the United States.

Moving across the globe is an exciting, but daunting adventure, and we found that there were limited online communities specifically for Australians and Internationals.  Our backgrounds are communications and we enjoy writing about lifestyle, entertainment, travel and culture.

On the surface, Houston is a concrete jungle, but when you search you will find that Houston is a city filled with great restaurants, shopping and attractions, you just have to find it.

We would like to learn more about this city, so want this site to be able to share experiences from all Australians and Internationals living in Houston, Texas & the USA!


Emma & Sonni ~ Finding Houston


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  1. Wenchilada says:

    G’day… I’m an Aussie girl from Sydney, moved here over a month ago with my husband and three kids. I will be making this blog one of my regular stopping points!

    • Finding Houston says:

      Welcome to Texas!! Hope ur settling in well. Had a look at your journal – great reading. Will be following. Look forward to your feedback and comments on living in Houston/US.

  2. I moved to Houston a few months ago from Melbourne too and happy to know there are other woman here that I can totally relate to from back home! Love the info on Houston, look forward to reading more insider Houston finds on your blog.

    • Finding Houston says:

      Welcome Monica! We love your blog too. Beautiful pics. Are you planning to go to any of the Oz Week events? Hope to run into you at one of them. FH

  3. Sophie says:

    I recently made the move from Perth to Houston with my husband for his work. We have only been here for 10 weeks and whilst we have enjoyed it, i have found it hard to meet people and feel there isn’t a lot of support networks for couples without children. Can you recommend any good social groups to join or what you did when you moved here to meet people?

    • Both of us were set up with Australians through our husband’s work so have connected with Australians that way. There is the AACC sundowners aswell as the social group Tanzot. Another option to meet other Australians is the Lonestars football club and the Shooting Stars netball club who are very social.

  4. Landesmum says:

    Hello, I’m originally from Melbourne but I have lived the last 25 years in California. My husband was transferred to Houston for his work. I am stoked to have stumbled onto your site! Texas is very different from California and it has been a big adjustment living here for my hubby, our children and myself. I love the info I found here–thank you!

    • Finding Houston says:

      Hi there, thanks so much for your feedback. We are happy our site can help people get on their feet in Houston as we understand it can be a hard place to get used to in the early days. I think Houston is similar to LA in a few ways(apart from the beach & the glam!) and I know you will come to love the Texan people and way of life soon. Please let us know if we can help at all or you have any specific questions. Hope you are getting excited for Rodeo as it is a fantastic time here and you must go! We will be posting an updated post from last last next week.
      Best wishes, Sonni & Emma.

  5. Asa Black says:


    Great website ladies! My husband and I are moving to Houston from Perth in July. I’m originally from Sweden but have lived in Perth for the last 10 years. I noticed your backgrounds are in communication. Perhaps you could give me some tips with regards to finding a job within marketing in Houston?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Asa

      Congratulations on your move to Houston. Make sure that you have your valid VISA to work in the US and check out the American Marketing Association (AMA Houston Chapter) as they have lots of job listings in the Marketing Area.


  6. J e f says:

    Hej y’all, I also just moved here from Europe and will check out your tipps and tricks! Thanks for putting it all together!
    j e f

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