So you’ve found yourself in Houston, Texas…the Lone Star State.  Even for those who have travelled and lived elsewhere in the US and the world – it’s a culture shock!

Somedays you love it, other days you want to saddle up the horse and ride outa here. The roads, the traffic, the constant summer heat and humidity is enough to make you wonder why you left home shores, but this city welcomes any culture with open arms and knows how to drink, dine and dance a little bit of Texas into your heart.

There is plenty to keep singles, couples and families busy but you have to be willing to put yourself out there(in and out of the loop), look beyond the obvious (and often unsightly) to find the hidden treasures in this concrete, un-zoned, urban outback of America.

‘Finding Houston’ is about sharing lifestyle experiences from an Australian and International perspective in this big ‘ol oil town and providing a social online community for new arrivals, established expats, returning expats and visitors.

We don’t profess to know it all having only been here a relatively short time, but our inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to discover new places and share them with people is what we love to do. We are always being asked similar lifestyle questions from friends, colleagues and visitors such as: “Where can I find boutique clothes shops like back home?”,  “How did you know that event was on?”, “Should I see the North East or North West US?” and the proverbial, “Where can I get a decent coffee!?”  So after a few sharp margaritas, we got our Macs out and started typing.

We look forward to sharing our finds and insight with ya’ll and even more forward to your feedback, suggestions and opinions. Especially on the best cafe’ latte in Houston! After all, living in a different country, away from family and friends is damn hard at times but the rewards are the amazing experiences and friendships that enrich your life forever and sharing them with people on similar journeys.

So sign up, like, read, comment and please support and contribute to ‘Finding Houston’.


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